Bill Dollars has more money than you. He doesn't care about you. He doesn't care about GCW. He doesn't care about the Dow Jones stock index. He BOUGHT the Dow Jones stock index.

Fuck you.

He's tagging in GCW with Business Ape, and they've been moderately successful. His finishing move is a top rope brainbuster known as the Big Spender. He's pissed off about taxes.

Date Match Opponent Result Record Notes
8/8/2014 Tag Match (as Monkey Business) Dealers Won


8/17/2014 Tag Match (as Monkey Business) Russians Lost 1-1
9/21/2014 Tag Match (as Monkey Business) GROOVE CONCUSS DX Lost 1-2
11/9/2014 Landmine Deathmatch (as Monkey Business) Deathmatch KingZ Won 2-2

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